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Authentic African Bolga Baskets


Wholesale Authentic African Bolga Baskets

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Authentic African Bolga Baskets from Shea Butter USA is handwoven and imported from Ghana.

African Bolga Baskets are made in Bolgatanga, Ghana, a historic, small town in the northern region of Ghana, West Africa. Bolgatanga lies in the Red Volta River Valley (which serves as a major migration route of elephants), with the White Volta River and the cliffs of the Gambaga Escarpment to the south of the town forming the southern boundary of the Upper East region.

The baskets are purely hand woven, and made from straw called elephant grass. Elephant grass is a wild species of grass native to the tropical grasslands of Africa.  The name elephant grass comes from it being a favorite food of elephants.

The beautiful colors of the baskets are natural dyes extracted from local plants and fruits.

Available sizes are Large Open Weave Oval Tote Basket, 19″ L x 10′ W x 12″ High and Medium Open Weave Oval Tote Basket, 17″ L x 10′ W x 11″ High.

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