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Refined Shea Butter


Wholesale Refined Shea Butter. While lacking the natural healing properties that unrefined shea butter is known for, refined shea butter still retains the wonderful moisturizing properties. Commonly found in commercial products that says “Contains Shea Butter.” Refined Shea Butter also has no scent which makes it work wonderfully as an ingredient in DIY Cosmetics. Ready to use as soon as it arrives. If you’re looking to purchase more than 495lb, please email us and we’ll be happy to work out a quote as well as shipping.


Refined shea butter has been extracted as processed with high heat utilizing natural solvents. The process results in a refined shea butter that is white in color and has no odor. While the majority of the healing benefits of shea butter that are found in unrefined shea butter are lost as a result of this process, most of the mainstream products that you’ll find available on the market that are said to contain shea butter actually are made with refined shea butter. The reason is the extended shelf life that processing provides. Refined shea butter is also easier to work with given the fact that it does not get grainy when reheated unlike unrefined shea butter.

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet
Refined Shea Butter

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1lb / 0.45kg ($10.53 / lb), 5lb / 2.27kg ($5.53 / lb), 10lb / 4.54kg ($5.03 / lb), 25lb / 11.34kg ($3.58 / lb), 55lb / 24.95kg ($3.43 / lb), 110lb / 49.90kg ($3.23 / lb), 495lb / 224.53kg ($3.03 / lb)


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