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African Black Soap Paste

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Raw Organic Wholesale Black Soap Paste
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Raw Organic African Black Soap Paste

Clear, beautiful skin is made instantly possible after a few uses of raw organic African Black soap paste. African Black soap has been used for centuries to treat eczema, acne, oily skin, psoriasis, and other skin problems like fine lines, dark spots, and razor bumps. Made from Plantain Skin Ash, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Purified Water, Natural Vitamin E, and Natural Sodium, Black soap paste combines the remarkable healing properties of Shea butter to leave your skin feeling beautiful and hydrated. Use daily to balance and heal any skin problems.

Black African Soap (Alata Samina) is a modern day, phenomena…free of synthetic chemicals, with centuries old roots West Africa. This all-natural universal cleanser is derived from the skin of Plantain, which is popular fruit and source of food in many parts of the world. Similar to a banana, the plantain fruit has to be cut and is usually cooked in contrast to a Desert Banana, which is sweet. Plantains taste much like a potato and are high in Vitamins A, E and Iron.

Our Exotic Black Unrefined Soap brand soap is what we consider a Universal Cleanser most popular but not limited to skin. This bulk product has been successful to our retail customers in treating and preventing Acne, Athletes Foot, Dandruff, rashes, Skin Scales and many other hard to treat uncommon skin disorders. Black Soap is very popular with farmers, carpenters, mechanic shops, welders and others who have challenging issues keeping their hands clean.

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