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Natural Beeswax


Pure, Natural Organic Beeswax
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Pure, Natural Beeswax provides many health benefits. In cosmetics and personal care products, beeswax is used in the formulation of a wide range of products including baby products, bath products, lipstick, makeup, fragrances, coloring and noncoloring hair products, nail and skin care products, personal cleanliness products, shaving products as well as suncreen and suntan products.

Beeswax is produced naturally by honey worker bees in bee hives. Many people maybe don’t know that beeswax is actually edible. When eaten, beeswax doesn’t have many health benefits, but beeswax is really good for the skin and the hair.


Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet
Cosmetic Grade White Beeswax

Safety Data Sheet
Cosmetic Grade Yellow Beeswax

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