Our Fair Trade Traditional, Handmade, Raw African Black Soap is manufactured authentically by a soap company in Accra, Ghana. “Alata Samina” or Local Soap in Ghanian, has been handcrafted for years using the same centuries old extraction proceess resulting in the best organic cleaning agent for skin or hair available in modern times. Soft Black African Soap base consists of Plaintain Skins, Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil while the Hard Soap has extra additives of Shea Butter, Cocoa Pod, Coconut Oil and Plantain Ashes to contain its hardness and yet provide extra softness to the skin. Our own authentic imported African Black Soap is known best for treating acne, Athletes Foot, dandruff, Hemorrhoids, rashes, Ring-Worm, skin scales, scalp conditions and many other uncomfortable skin ailments known to mankind. This all-natural blend also removes grease, glue, tar and waxes off skin safely as well as off counter-tops, tools or plastic. Best product on the market for removing Shea Butter from skin, cloth or any other unwanted areas. 100% money back guarantee is the Shea Butter USA commitment to your total satisfaction.

Raw Organic African Black Soap
Raw African Black Soap Blocks

Hard African Black Soap Blocks

Raw Organic Hard African Black Soap

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Wholesale Pure Soft Organic African Black Soap
African Black Soap Paste

Raw Organic Wholesale Black Soap Paste
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Raw Organic African Black Soap Pieces
African Black Soap (Pieces)

Black Soap Chunks

Chunks of Raw Organic African Black Soap!

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Liquid African Black Soap
Liquid African Black Soap
Authentic Liquid African Black Soap

Real Liquid African Black Soap

Liquid African Black Soap made right here in our warehouse using our proprietary formula!

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