Welcome to Shea Butter USA

Dear Visitor,

I sincerely appreciate you visiting our website, bodybuttersupplies.com! I want to take this opportunity to formally “welcome” you to Shea Butter USA. We know that your time is very valuable as a business owner so I will be very straightforward in explaining some advantages of buying your wholesale Shea Butter and Black Soap from Shea Butter USA.

1. Quality…I personally search the world for the best skincare products and have found them in Ghana, West Africa. Whatever I buy has to pass strict corporate criteria for grade and freshness. If you are ever dissatisfied with any of our products we back them with our trademark money back guarantee or will send you another product of equal or more value. So far we have only had to refund an astounding ONE customer simply because she didn’t like the smell of the raw Shea Butter!

2. Price…If you compare prices on the internet, you will find we are the cheapest. If you find another legitimate company who has the same quality of product for a cheaper wholesale price, I will match or beat it for you! We import in large quantities which allows us to knock out our competition on price for you. We realize how important this is to you in your business with sometimes small profit margins.

3. Packaging…While we are not only the cheapest in the industry, our products remain fresh longer than the other companies because ours are packaged in plastic pales with resealable lids. This is especially convenient for cosmetic manufacturers… for your investment stays sealed longer and passes on the amazing medicinal powers to your customers. When you purchase Shea Butter in our plastic pales, they are also FILTERED here in our lab for sediments such as Shea Nut halls, wood chips and other foreign materials which are common to find when melting down a straight box of Shea Butter from Africa. This is an added bonus for our loyal customers that we can manage to pass on without raising the prices.

4. Customer Support…Shea Butter USA is devoted to providing wholesale products to cosmetic manufacturers, massage or beauty parlors, health stores, soap makers, entrepreneurs and consumers alike. We are here for you whenever you may need to call with questions or comments. We want to see your business expand with profit resulting in many satisfied customers on your testimonial page. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer support.

5. Miracles…yes indeed, miracles. Since we’ve carried our own signature line of products in the retail showroom and traveled trade shows, we have found the answers to many customer’s skin conditions. Our products are the modern, all-natural, non-prescription solution to rare and hard to cure skin problems. We sell to residents of nursing homes across the country who can not find products of our quality anywhere else. I have introduced my products to CANCER PATIENTS fighting the radiation associated with painful Chemotherapy of who have reported some amazing success rates. We have sent our cremes to people with names of skin disorders to long to even pronounce who have became loyal customers. Making people comfortable and beautiful is our greatest satisfaction in this business and am sure that it is YOURS too!

If you have any questions about our products, pricing, shipping etc…please feel free to call me at my direct line of 701-640-7775. I would love to have the privilege of being your wholesale supplier!

Henry Behle IV
Shea Butter USA