Body Butter Supplies From Shea Butter USA

Welcome to Shea Butter USA. Here, our mission is importing, exporting and manufacturing the best quality authentic, natural skincare products, organic cosmetics and body butter supplies, all natural oils, Black Soaps, African handmade novelties and instruments at the lowest discount prices online. We ethically contract the manufacture of all our products overseas directly to achieve this objective. As you read on, you will discover that everything down to this company website is the same as our great diverse line of products, authentic and custom made. Unlike other major cosmetic companies, this site has been written, developed and photographed by us.

Combining African Handcrafted Tradition With American Advanced Technology

With a permanent office in Ghana, West Africa...we have the upper hand over our competition in maneuvering and negotiating the best deals for bulk raw cosmetic materials, all-natural butters, Cocoa, Black Soaps and African hand-carved/handwoven exotic goods. When buying from Shea Butter USA, you are buying in bulk direct straight from the manufacturer as our system of business allow us to bypass greedy product brokers and middle hands typically associated with American companies importing / exporting across foreign waters.

Contract Lotion Making, Custom Cosmetic Manufacturing And Private Product Labeling For Your Business

Importing and supplying leading American cosmetic companies with the best priced, discount, organic, unrefined, bulk, wholesale Shea/Cocoa Butter and all natural soap-making supplies has also put Shea Butter USA on the map as a leading choice for cosmetic contract manufacturing among customers in the last year. Being able offer the lowest discount prices on bulk, wholesale body butter supplies on the internet has made us the leading manufacturer for the top cosmetic sellers on, and Etsy in the USA and worldwide.

Spa professionals, private business entrepreneurs, and major cosmetic companies of all-natural skincare, anti-aging, pure unrefined Shea Butter, African Black Soap and all natural Cocoa Butter products have capitalized heavily in 2013 to meet the worlds demand of all organic, Eco-friendly cosmetic and health wellness products. Our trained American Lab Technicians at the main warehouse headquarters in Wahpeton, North Dakota USA are ready to manufacture all-natural cosmetic and body butter supplies products exactly to your specifications. Revolutionizing your own special cosmetic line and achieving financial independence for you are what dreams are made of at Shea Butter USA!